Wednesday, March 30, 2011

e-Prophecies - Techno-talk about Bible Prophecy

This week on Prophecy Update host, Bill Salus, interviews Nathan Jones about the prophetic implications of today’s technologies. Nathan is the Webminister of Lamb and Lion Ministries founded by Dr. David Reagan. Nathan is a wizard when it comes to understanding the Internet and Social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In this fascinating interview Nathan Jones illustrates to the listeners how Daniel 12:4 predicted the information age would come in the end times. Furthermore, he articulates how Christians can use today’s technologies to advance the Kingdom of God.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Israel - Caught in the Crosshairs of Christian Palestinianism

Christianity finds itself at a critical crossroad regarding the modern day Jewish State. The Arab unrest plaguing the Middle East is causing Christians to decide whether Israel is the “owner” or “occupier” of the Promised Land.
(Pictured (left) Bill Salus & (right) Dr. Paul Wilkinson)

Does Israel exist in fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, or is it simply the result of U.N. moral obligation? Christian Zionists believe Israel has a God given right to exist in the land allotted to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates.” (Genesis 15:18, nkjv)

This passage defines the vast boundaries of the Promised Land ranging from northeastern portions of Egypt to parts of Syria and Iraq. Presently, Israel is struggling to maintain possession of about one-tenth of this landmass. The international community and many Christians want Israel to give much of it back for a Palestinian State.

This week on Prophecy Update Radio the competing ideologies within Christianity of Christian Zionism and Christian Palestinianism are adeptly analyzed and adequately compared. Host, Bill Salus, welcomes his guest, Dr. Paul Wilkinson, to address this timely topic. Dr. Wilkinson, an expert on Christian Palestinianism, warns the Church is being overtaken by “Replacement Theologians promoting a Pro-Palestinian agenda.”

In this fascinating two part broadcast Bill and Paul draw a line in the Mideast sand and challenge Christians to decide on which side they stand. Is God done with the Jew, or are prophesied Mideast events about to reveal the folly of Replacement Theology?

Listen Now to Part One
Listen Now to Part Two

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Future for America in Bible Prophecy

In light of these uncertain times many Christian Americans are asking, “What is the future for America in Bible prophecy?” This
question arises primarily because;

1. Of mounting concern the country has abandoned its Christian heritage and is headed in the wrong direction,

2. America is not conspicuously located anywhere upon the pages of the Bible,

3. And out of concern that these are the last days.

Interestingly, respected Christian voices like, Dr. David Reagan, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Terry James, and more, have felt burdened to write books on the subject. Not surprisingly, the Lord has led them all to a similar conclusion. The combined concensus is that America does not appear to be located in the Bible, or if it is, it’s not the superpower nation it once was.

They suggest America’s silence in the Bible is deafening and implies that the United States could come under divine judgment. Are they correct, and how soon could judgment come?

I have had the opportunity to interview each of these end time’s experts on Prophecy Update Radio. To hear, first hand, what they believe the future for America is in Bible prophecy, listen to their and others answers by clicking on the links below. *These interviews were conducted within the past two years.

Late Great United States (Dr. Mark Hitchcock)

America the Beautiful (Dr. David Reagan)

The American Apocalypse (Terry James - Part 1)

The American Apocalypse (Terry James - Part 2)

The Answer America interview (Al Gist)

Bankruptcy of America (Jerry Robinson)