Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Apollyon Rising 2012 - Exposing America's Deep Dark Secrets

What’s occurring in this wayward world between 2010 and 2012? Will the next two years turn out to be the most pivotal in HUMAN HISTORY?

America has some DEEP DARK SECRETS hiding behind its "Great Seal" according to Dr. Thomas Horn, the author of Amazon's #1 best seller "Apollyon Rising 2012"!

In this 3- Part Prophecy Update Radio show, Dr. Horn lays it all out with host Bill Salus. Are the Israeli War prophecies about to occur, will full disclosure of the Alien Nephilim Extra Terrestrial campaign be announced, and is the ANTICHRIST about to be revealed? These and many other topics are addressed in this series of timely interviews.

Tom Horn has accumulated over 6000 pages of research and exposes mysteries behind the Mayan calendar, the mystical Jewish Zohar, the Cherokee Rattlesnake prophecies and more in these three brilliant interviews. You will be at the edge of your seat throughout all segments of this discourse. LISTEN NOW to the Apollyon Rising Prophecy Update Radio interviews. (access interviews below video promo)



Dr. Thomas Horn and radio host Bill Salus pic

A Rabbi Looks At The Last Days - Salus / Bernis

This week on Prophecy Update Bill Salus interviews his friend Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries about his new book "A Rabbi Looks At the Last Days".

Jonathan Bernis is a Jesus believing Jewish Rabbi and the host of Jewish Voice television, which is viewed daily worldwide. Jonathan puts his heart upon his sleeve in this radio interview and reminds Christians of the importance of supporting their Jewish brothers and sisters in these turbulent end times.

Bernis declares that Anti-Semitism has satanic roots and is on the rise again worldwide. Additionally he shares his sincere concern that in the near future America’s collapsing economy could translate into a rise in Jewish persecution in the United States as well. Jonathan suggests this could force many American Jews to flee in Aliyah to Israel.

Furthermore, he reminds us that events in the epicenter of the Middle East are set to erupt any day and sheds some light on what he’s heard recently from the Knesset about Israel’s intentions to neutralize Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

LISTEN NOW to Jonathan Bernis on Prophecy Update Radio

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mystery Babylon - Exposing the coming Harlot Religious System

According to Bible Prophecy a “great harlot” world religious system is coming in the last days. Revelation 17 informs us that the kings of the earth commit fornication with her and the inhabitants of the earth become spellbound by her deceptive majesty. The apostle John declares it is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Some eschatologists suggest that this perverted world religious system will be headquartered out of the Vatican in Rome.

This week on Prophecy Update Radio, host Bill Salus interviews Jim Tetlow, one of the foremost experts on the subject. Jim opens the listeners’ eyes to the coming great deception of the coming Queen of Heaven, the entity that claims to be the Lady of All Nations. Tetlow believes this system is already setting itself up globally through numerous powerful Mary apparitions.

POWERFUL PART 3 JUST POSTED, A MUST HEAR LISTEN NOW! (be patient for the download)

In this two part interview, Bill and Jim, connect the dots between the Mother of Harlots in Revelation 17, the Wicked Woman with the Ephah in Zechariah 5, and the Lady of Kingdoms in Isaiah 47. Is this counterfeit religious system about to overtake humanity in the near future?

Is the QUEEN OF ALL appearing again in Egypt in December 2009, like she supposedly did in Zeitoun in 1968? Watch amazing footage about possbile recent apparitions. Jim Tetlow quotes a Marian visionary in his book Queen of All "I wish to also tell you that before my apparitions end completely I shall be seen by every denomination and religion throughout this world. I will be seen among all people, not for just a moment but everyone will have a chance to see me. As I appeared in Zeitoun, I shall appear again so everyone may see me. Pray and help my plans to be realized, not just here, but throughout the world." Chapter one page 6... Read related articles

EGYPT: Is it the Virgin Mary or just a curious flash of light?
Thousands gather to see phenomena in Cairo




Russia and the Vatican establish full diplomatic ties

"the kings of the earth commit fornication with her" (Revelation 17:2)

Russia and the Vatican have agreed to establish full diplomatic relations, the Kremlin has announced.

Until now, Moscow only had an office of representation at the Vatican. The new status means full-fledged embassies will be established in Moscow and Rome. Pope Benedict and President Medvedev held talks at the Vatican (December 3, 2009). Read entire article now...

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Importance of Bible Prophecy in these LAST DAYS!

Does your Pastor teach prophecy from the pulpit?


In these last days the eschatological message is evangelical! Revelation 19:10 declares the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ! Current world and Mideast events are stage-setting for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

Bible prophecy proves the word of God is accurate, authentic, and authoritative. Conservatively, 26.8% of the Bible is devoted to prophetic content. Why is the preponderance of the Christian Church afraid to, or otherwise failing to, deliver the prophetic truth about these last days?

In part one of this two part edition of the Prophecy Update radio program Pastor Dave Hart and end time’s author Bill Salus discuss the topic of “The importance of Bible prophecy in these LAST DAYS”. Pastor Dave and Bill address the above topics and many more. Bill explains the multiple purposes of Bible prophecy. Also, Dave asks Bill if he believes this is the FINAL GENERATION!

Furthermore, Salus predicts consumers will soon be spending $100 per tank at the gas pump, when Israel pre-empts a strike against Iran’s nuclear sites and in retaliation Iran shuts down the straits of Hormuz. Does anyone still believe these events won’t happen as soon as 2010? What are the prophetic ramifications of such a pre-emptive strategic strike? Will this provoke the final sequential fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38 & 39? These prophecies foretell the destruction of Damascus, final Arab-Israeli War, and the Russian-Iranian led nuclear equipped invasion of Israel.



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is Antichrist Obama? Assyrian? Alive Today? Arab - Israeli Peacemaker?





What might you be doing this time next year? It is entirely possible that you will be glued to your favorite news program 24/7. Why? THIS IS IT, according to prophecy researcher Bill Salus. This time next year it is highly possible that world spotlights will be focused upon geo-prophetic Mideast events.

In part one guest host TOM HORN interviews BILL SALUS about the coming ISRAELI WAR PROPHECIES of Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38. Horn presses Salus to answer how, and how soon, prophetic events might begin their downward domino spiral.

In part two their discussion sequences from the Middle East to the end time’s roles of UFOLOGY and the ANTICHRIST. Is the Antichrist Obama, Assyrian, and / or alive today? What does his seven year covenant with Israel really declare? Bill Salus answers these and many more questions in part two.

Tom Horn and Bill Salus are two of today’s top experts on all the above subject matter. Listen now to part one of this two part timely message.


Buy Autographed Most Frightening Issues Book here for only $14.95

Thursday, November 5, 2009

(Isaiah 17 + Psalm 83) X Ezekiel 38 = the coming Antichrist




What might you be doing this time next year? It is entirely possible that you will be glued to your favorite news program 24/7. Why? THIS IS IT, according to prophecy researcher Bill Salus. This time next year it is highly possible that world spotlights will be focused upon geo-prophetic Mideast events.

This week on the Prophecy Update Radio program guest host TOM HORN interviews BILL SALUS about the coming ISRAELI WAR PROPHECIES of Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38. Horn presses Salus to answer how, and how soon, prophetic events might begin their downward domino spiral. Their discussion sequences from the Middle East to the end time’s roles of UFOLOGY and the ANTICHRIST.

Tom Horn and Bill Salus are two of today’s top experts on all the above subject matter. Listen now to part one of this two part timely message.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How soon until Psalm 83 finds final fulfillment?

Has Psalm 83 already been fulfilled as some suggest? This week on Prophecy Update Radio, host Bill Salus, explains why it hasn’t, and when it will.

Bill joins Ron Miller at the Breakfast Bible Club on WBFI FM. In this interesting interview Bill reminds the listeners that Psalm 83 is intended to teach the world that God’s four-thousand year old foreign policy contained in Genesis 12:3 is still effectually intact. God promised Abraham that he would bless those who blessed him and his descendants, but would curse those who oppressed them. Find out how this lesson is learned in the aftermath of the Psalm 83 war.

Additionally, Ron and Bill play out the possible domino effect of the Israeli strategic strike scenario against Iran’s nuclear sites. It seems that Iran gets hit first, then Damascus second, then the entire Middle East third. Will the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1, which is the destruction of Damascus, force Egypt and Jordan to side with the Syrians once again and break their fragile peace treaties with Israel? Is Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s apocalyptic attitude about to trigger the climactic concluding Psalm 83 Arab – Israeli war?

Furthermore, America’s future is discussed. How can God not curse America for its present treatment of Israel? America is forcing Israel to negotiate with those who will soon confederate according to Psalm 83 against them.

Listen Now to find out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


PART ONE - "The Arab - Israeli war described in Psalm 83 could be coming soon", warns Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries.


PART TWO - JUST POSTED "Ezekiel Invasion of Israel and Armageddon Campaign are coming after Psalm 83"


He encourages mainstream prophecy experts, like Joel Rosenberg, to rethink their end time’s model and alert the masses that Israel is about to fight off the “inner circle” of Psalm 83 Arab populations before the Ezekiel 38 "outer ring" of nations, led by Russia and Iran, invade Israel!
In this installment of Prophecy Update Radio, Bible prophecy expert Dr. David Reagan chronologically orders the NINE remaining END TIME WARS of the Bible, including the dreaded “Battle of ARMAGEDDON”. Jesus Christ predicted the coming of World Wars I and II in Matthew 24:7 and the Hebrew prophets, Asaph, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the apostle John, foretold of many more to come.

In part one of this insightful two part interview, Dr. Reagan discusses with host, Bill Salus, the timing of the Rapture of the Christian Church along with the next two prophetic wars in the Middle East. In part two they uncover the remaining seven.

For the better part of 2009, Israel has been preparing for a multi-front war against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Palestinians, and Hamas. These are all populations involved in one or more of the prophetic wars of the end times. Dr. Reagan and Bill Salus agree that the world's TWO-STATE MIDEAST PEACE SOLUTION is about to give way to the wars of the end time's!

Many eschatologists, like Dr. David Reagan, Dr. David Hocking, and Dr. Thomas Horn, have incorporated the new Salus Psalm 83 thesis outlined in Isralestine the Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East into their end time's thinking, however most have not. Why not? Why do so many of them still teach that the Russian – Iranian led invasion of Israel detailed in EZEKIEL 38 & 39 is the next prophetic war in the Middle East. Are they missing something?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is OBAMA a MUSLIM at Heart? USAMA says YES!

ISLAM, Honor's Killings, Hates Jews & Christians, Sanction's False Mideast Peace-Pacts, and DECEIVES THE WORLD!

The deception of Islam is the topic on this installment of Prophecy Update Radio. This week Egyptian born Christian scholar Usama Dakdok informs host, Bill Salus, all the above and much more is true about the Satanically inspired religion of Islam.

In this one of a kind interview, Usama Dakdok of The Straight Way Ministries quotes several of the most dangerous and deceptive passages contained in the Islamic holy book called the Koran. These passages destroy the notion that Islam is a religion of non-violence that worships the same god as the Jews and Christians. True Islamic teachings make it impossible to be a so called, “Moderate Muslim”.

Usama tells the listeners how President Barrack Hussein Obama is likely a true Muslim at heart. Dakdok suggests that Obama’s present pleadings to the Muslim world and penalizing of Israel should be a wake up call to Jews and Christians. Your eyes will be opened wide as your ears are exposed to this powerful two – part Prophecy Update interview!

Also find out the inside story about Rifqa (Rebecca) Bary’s fight for her life and her Christian faith. This 17 year old teen-ager has been in the mainstream news from coast to coast recently. Your faith will be strengthened through hearing her side of the story.

The Florida authorities may hold her fate in their hands. She claims that if she is order back to her home in Ohio that her parents will exercise their Muslim right to end her life in the Islamic practice called “Honor Killing”. Usama has prayed and spent time with Rifqa and knows the true nature of her Christian heart. LISTEN NOW



Friday, September 4, 2009

The American Apocalypse interview with author Terry James

This week on Prophecy Update Radio, host Bill Salus interviews his good friend Terry James about Terry's new Harvest Houst book, The American Apocalypse, Is the United States in Bible Prophecy? Terry is the author of 19 Bible prophecy books, and the co-founder of www.raptureready.com, the Internet's largest Bible prophecy website in the world.

In this installment, Bill and Terry discuss how nearby coming prophetic events, like the Rapture of the Church, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38 & 39 stand to play a crucial role in America's critical future.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are the Arabs or Iranians coming Against Israel, WHAT'S NEXT?

Prophecy Update Radio, FREE SNEAK PREVIEW! Click on the CD image to preview part one of a two part series entitled Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38, What's the Next Middle East News Headline? by Bill Salus, the author of Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East. This temporary edition can be heard only for a short while before it goes to market worldwide.

Find out new information about the distinct differences between Psalm 83, the climactic concluding Arab invasion of Israel, and Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Russian - Iranian led nuclear equipped attack against Israel. According to Bible prophecy both episodes appear about to occur! Could this be why Israel is presently preparing for a multi-front war Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas?

In part one Bill discusses the interim prophecies that occurred between 70 A.D. and May 14, 1948, when the Jewish State was rebirthed. He then goes on to discuss some of the major world changing prophecies likely to occur in this century! Then Bill reminds the listeners of what's next in the Middle East.

Many prophecy scholars like Joel Rosenberg, the author of Epicenter, Chuck Smith, the founder of Calvary Chapels, and Joseph Chambers, the founder of Paw Creek Ministries, believe that the Ezekiel 38 & 39 invasion is about to occur, and they are absolutely right! The Ezekiel invasion is NEAR, but is it NEXT? Listen now to find out for yourselves, what is likely to happen very SOON in the MIDDLE EAST!
Part One
Part Two

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Powerful Prophecies are Stage-Setting!

2012, is it the end of the world or another Y2K hoax? What is the hidden message behind U.F.O.'s and CROP CIRCLES? This week on Prophecy Update Radio Bill Salus interviews famous Christian Author and Lecturer, Dr. L.A. Marzulli about these and several other cutting edge end time's topics.
Marzulli believes that humanity is about to be launched into an unprecedented prophetic period. The Middle East is set to explode fulfilling prophecies like the Ezekiel 38 & 39 Russian-Iranian led invasion of Israel, and Psalm 83, the final Arab-Israeli conflict. Simultaneously the DECEPTIVE LIE of 2nd Thessalonians 2 is stage -setting through increased U.F.O. activity and New Age message channeling. If Marzulli is correct the world is spinning out of control and in need of the Gospel message now more than ever before.

There is nothing but meat served with MARZ-SALUS sauce in this interview.
Listen Now Part One & Part Two

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Does Prophecy Declare the DOOM of DAMASCUS?

END TIME’S BIRTH PANGS! Just Posted Part 2 of the Prophecy Update Radio interview between Bill Salus and Jack Kinsella. In this riveting interview the end time’s birth pangs are discussed beginning with rebirth of the Jewish State on to the last days DECEPTION JESUS CHRIST warned about. Jack Kinsella says many current events have prophetic implications and are occurring at an alarming pace.

LISTEN NOW to find out what the end time’s indicators are! PART 1 PART 2

Friday, June 19, 2009

IRAN vs. ISRAEL Is it time for Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Will the election protests in Iran evolve into a regime change or is re-elected Iranian president Mahmoud Ahma-genocide preparing to lock arms with Russia, Turkey, Libya and the other members of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to invade Israel? Many eschatologists believe that the time is near for the fulfillment of this Gog of Magog prophecy. This week on the PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO PROGRAM host Bill Salus interviews Dr. Ron Rhodes, a foremost expert on the topic of the Ezekiel invasion, about the prophetic implications of current events occurring in Iran.



In part one of this fascinating two-part interview Dr. Rhodes warns Americans about the adverse affects a conflict between Israel and Iran could have upon the United States. Additionally, this interview informs the listener of the most significant details of the ancient Ezekiel prophecy and how the stage is rapidly setting for it’s final fulfillment! Dr. Ron Rhodes has a doctoral degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and is the author of the recently released best-selling book entitled Northern Storm Rising, which discusses all the details of the Ezekiel 38 & 39 invasion of Israel by the Russian and Iranian led confederacy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Assuredly America the beautiful has become less bountiful but is Lady Liberty Losing her SUPERPOWER? Are her best days behind or before her? According to Bible prophecy God isn’t ABOUT TO judge AMERICA - He ALREADY IS!


In this edition of the Prophecy Update Radio program, host Bill Salus interviews Dr. Mark Hitchcock about the whereabouts of America in Bible prophecy. It seems that the greatest nation of all time doesn’t deserve even an honorable mention in the world’s holiest book. Why not? Did the prophets run out of ink, or did God keep America off of the last pages of prophecy for a purpose?

Dr. Hitchcock and Bill Salus dispel the grandiose delusions of America’s role in the end times and warn Christians how the prophetic implications of current world and Mideast events could result in the accelerated decline of the United States. What does the future hold for the land of the frayed and home of the broke? Buy Mark's excellent book the Late Great United States at Amazon now.... click on book image.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Bill Salus on Jewish Voice T.V.

Does President Barack Obama’s Mideast foreign policy of “Engagment” further isolate Israel from the rest of the world? His infamous June 4, 2009 Rodney King style of “can’t we all just get along” Cairo speech, seems to have made it incumbent upon Israel to refrain from strategically striking Iran’s nuclear sites until he has had a chance to blow some political smoke up some Islamic skirts.

Barack Hussein Obama believes that he can reach out beyond the religious realms in a diplo-charis-matic way to resolve the age old Middle East conflict. However, time is not on the president’s side, as the Jewish State has finally come to a TURNING POINT! While Obama was quoting from the Koran in Cairo, the Jews were winding down the largest emergency civil defense drill in their nations history.

Israel is preparing for a multi-front war with the Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria. Five days worth of Sirens sounding throughout the holy land warned Israeli’s that they had three minutes to seek shelter in their nearest bomb shelter.
How far can you run in 180 seconds?
What is about to happen next in the Middle East? Has the time arrived for the Psalm 83 Arab – Israeli War to commence?

WATCH NOW - as Bill Salus and Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice TV, discuss the prophetic implications of current Mideast events.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is the Christian Church FALLING AWAY?

The Bible declares the last days Church will push Christ outside its door. Furthermore, it foretells of a time that Christians will heap up false teachers to tickle their fancy by whisperings sweet social nothings into their ears. Is this happening within Christianity today? Has the extra-ordinary Savior become just another ordinary stranger positioned outside the Church's comfortable confines?

This week on the Prophecy Update Radio program, host Bill Salus visits with world respected prophecy expert-ress Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries and asks her to address the difficult topic of last day’s Christian deception. Jan is the host of the popular “Understanding the Times” radio show and is highly respected for her knowledge of end time’s Bible Prophecy.

In this interview Bill and Jan discuss the problems with Kingdom Now Theology, Preterism, Replacement Theology, and the dangers of the Emergent Church. They also address the reasons why many of today’s churches are purposely refraining from teaching end time’s Bible prophecy. LISTEN NOW

Friday, May 29, 2009


Best-selling authors and eschatology experts
L.A. Marzulli and Bill Salus discuss the unique nature, primary purposes, and extreme importance of Bible prophecy in these last days on the popular Prophecy Update Radio program. According to Salus it appears that Israel is about to strike Iran and may be forced to destroy Damascus in fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1 in the process. Furthermore he suggests that the ancient Psalm 83 Arab – Israeli war prophecy could be about to occur and override Obama’s new foreign policy of ENGAGEMENT, which Bill renames in this interview a foreign policy of “ENRAGEMENT!”

In this interview Marzulli and Salus answer live listeners email questions like:

1. “Will Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be able to withstand Obama’s pressure to accept a TWO STATE SOLUTION or will he cave in under pressure?”

2. Will ISLAM’S DOME OF THE ROCK be destroyed as a result of Israel’s conquest over the Psalm 83 Arab confederacy?

3. Are strengthening Russian and Iranian relationships suggesting the Ezekiel 38 & 39 Gog of Magog invasion of Israel is near?

4. Does the coming deception of 2nd Thessolonians 2:8-12 occur after or before the destruction of the house of Esau is fulfilled in the ancient Psalm 83 Arab – Israeli war prophecy?

The fascinating interview took place just days before the May 18th 2009 meeting in Washington between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for Acceleration Radio. LISTEN in NOW to Marzulli’s and Salus’s discussion to hear the answers to these timely questions as well as many more.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Does Israel Invade Iran According to Bible Prophecy?

LISTEN NOW to this week's Prophecy Update Radio - Bill Salus discusses current Mideast Events involving Netanyahu's upcoming visit to Washington, Taliban's attempt to take over the Paki Nukes and much much more.......

Also Read Bill Salus's latest article Does Israel Invade Iran According to Bible Prophecy...by clicking here.......

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's Happening Next in the Middle East?

Watch Bill Salus on Christ in Prophecy TV now

Is Israel preparing for WAR or PEACE? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is headed to Washington on May 18, 2009. Many experts expect him to expressely emphasize to President Obama the importance of safeguarding the national security of Israel from all surrounding threats.

Netanyahu has made strong recent resolute statements like, "the Hamas will ultimately need to be dismantled", "He will not allow Iran to become a nuclear nation", and his latest statement reported by Haaretz.com on May 8, 2009, that "Israel will never withdraw from the Golan". This is problematic for Syria who has made it perfectly clear that they want control over this strategic soil!

Events in the Middle East are rapidly rising to a fever pitch. What is going to happen next? Is Israel about to invade Iran or could it be that the Psalm 83 climactic concluding Arab - Israeli war is about to occur? Could these things be promptly followed by the Russian - Iranian invasion of Israel described in Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Click on image to watch Bill Salus on Christ in Prophecy TV with host Dr. David Reagan. Dr. Reagan and Bill Salus explore the new insights contained in Bill's book, Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prophecy for Dummies – Eschatology for Ages Eight to Adult!

The Holy Bible instructs Christians not to be ignorant of powerful end time’s events. Yet many pastors today are reluctant to teach Bible Prophecy from their pulpits. This has many Christians concerned considering that about one-third of the Bible is dedicated to this important subject. This week Bill Salus, the host of the Prophecy Update Radio program, interviews the highly respected Bible Prophecy author and teacher Daymond Duck.

Together in Layman’s terms they discuss some of today’s most important unfulfilled Bible prophecies. Daymond travels about the country delivering to Churches nationwide an inspired five lesson series about end times Bible Prophecy. In this radio interview he condenses it all into about 45 captivating minutes.

Eschatologists believe that the end of time draws very near and that powerful world changing prophecies are about to find their final fulfillment soon! If you, your children, grandchildren, or even great grandchildren want to discover more about the Rapture, First Resurrection, the Tribulation Period, the Ezekiel Gog of Magog Invasion, Daniel’s 70th Week, the Day of the Lord, the Day of Jacob’s Trouble, the Antichrist, Armageddon, Mark of the Beast, the 666 prophecy, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, then LISTEN NOW.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Christ Inside Today's Church or Outside the Door Knocking?

This week the Prophecy Update Radio program uncovers the slippery condition of the Christian Church today and puts it into an end time perspective. Host of the Understanding the Times radio program, Jan Markell, interviews best-selling author of Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East Bill Salus.

Many timely prophetic topics are discussed like the coming Christian Apostasy as prescribed in the book of Revelation as well as the current volatile Middle East events. This broadcast brings the listener up to a greater realization of end time’s Bible Prophecy. Find out how the 7 letters to the 7 Churches in Revelation have a prophetic application. LISTEN NOW

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Millions of people will vanish off the planet in the twinkling of an eye according to the Bible! Billions left behind will Google and Yahoo to find out what happened! Humanity will find out the hard way that the Rapture was more than Christian “pie in the sky” theology, and that they have missed the heavenly boat!

This week Prophecy Update Radio interviews Todd Strandberg the Co-founder of Raptureready.com, the worlds most frequently visited Internet Bible Prophecy site. Todd and his partner Terry James have thought this scenario out in great detail and have already set the Rapture-Ready wheels in motion. TELL YOUR FRIENDS that JESUS is COMING SOON and get them RAPTURE-READY!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


IS AMERICA BANKRUPT? This once beautiful and bountiful nation seems to be printing MORE MONEY for failed institutions than Bounty is rolling out TOILET TISSUE on its assembly line. Is Social Security DOOMED and the Dollar DEAD?

Has the opulent American way of life gone by the wayside? This week on Prophecy Update Radio, host Bill Salus interviews Jerry Robinson about his new book called “BANKRUPTCY OF OUR NATION”. Jerry Robinson, founder of JR Ministries International, is a world class economist and eschatologist and in this interview he tells Americans what needs to happen NOW in order to survive this PRESENT catastrophic economic crisis LISTEN NOW!

Thursday, March 19, 2009



Prophecy Update Radio hosted by Bill Salus interviews eschatology expert Dr. David Reagan this week. Dr. Reagan expresses his serious concerns about the present White House Administrations Pro-Abortion and Anti-Israel positions. According to Biblical precedence Americans appear to be leaving God no other option but to judge this once great country. A severe warning resounds to Christians throughout these United States to repent, humble themselves, and pray for the well being of their country and its extremely liberal President.

What is President Obama’s present spiritual condition and is he being true to his campaign promises? Is he an evangelical Christian, a Muslim, or a Humanist? Is America's President threatening to turn his back on the nation of Israel? LISTEN NOW to this fascinating interview to find the answers to these questions and many more.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dr. David Hocking and Jacob Prasch Discuss Israel's Present Travails

Two Messianic Jews graft in our Gentile host on this edition of PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO. Dr. David Hocking with Hope For Today Ministries (left) and Jacob Prasch of Moriel Minitries. (right) sit with our host Bill Salus and tackle the tough questions facing Israel today.

Several powerful topics like those listed below are discussed:

*Are these the LAST DAYS?
*What does the Bible mean by THE TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE?
*What are the most PRESSING THREATS facing Israel today?
*What are the PROPHETIC IMPLICATIONS of these threats?
*Why are more JEWS COMING TO JESUS in these end times?
*How can Christians EFFECTIVELY WITNESS to their Jewish Friends

LISTEN NOW - to this fascinating interview...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Is the Shroud of Turin a supernatural miracle evidencing a physics we know nothing about, or is it a medieval forgery as some scholars suggest. The final segment of the 4 part Prophecy Update Radio interviews between Bill Salus and L.A. Marzulli reveals information that has seldom been discussed.

When studied closely the Shroud appears to have molecular design that emulates a physics not yet discovered. L.A. Marzulli discusses the very real possibility that the Shroud introduces humanity to a fabric of supernatural hyper-dimensional design. A composite material that may be common place in the heavenly realm and links perfectly together with the current U.F.O. phenomena.

How did Jesus walk through walls and upon the water? How do Angels and Aliens enter through invisible portals to interface with humanity? Find out now: LISTEN NOW to Part 4

Friday, February 13, 2009


Jesus said the last days would be like the days of Noah, which was when the giant Nephilim invaded the earth. The Bible teaches that the Antichrist will rise to power on signs and lying wonders. Today the world is experiencing the biggest UFO flap in its history. IS THERE A CONNECTION?
Listen to part three now
We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12

This week PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO host Bill Salus interviews Bible and UFO expert L.A. Marzulli, the author of several best selling biblically based UFO books. In part one of this series Salus and Marzulli discuss the potential demonic aspects of the UFO campaign and warn the world of the coming GREAT DECEPTIVE LIE foretold in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 LISTEN TO PART ONE NOW

Watch UFO OBAMA videos -
Video #1 Obama Speech / Henderson Nevada 11/1/08
Video #2 Bruce Springsteen / Obama Concert
This site has not verified the validity of these Obama videos, nor does it associate Obama with the Antichrist or the UFO phenomena.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Geo-Political and Geo-Prophetical Ramifications of the Hamas - Israeli War

Sequencing END TIME events
Christian Radio Talk Show Host Frank Pastore interviews Bill Salus on KKLA 99.5 in this edition of the PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO program. The interview, which was heard by tens of thousands of Southern Californian listeners takes place against the backdrop of Operation Cast Lead, the recent Hamas – Israeli War.

Listen to part one now Listen to part two now

Pastore asks Bill numerous serious cutting edge prophecy related questions about what’s next in the Middle East. Does the recent Hamas – Israeli war warn of the final Arab – Israeli conflict about to come? Is there more to end times Bible prophecy than the Rapture of the Christian Church followed by the Armageddon Campaign? Topics like Psalm 83, the Arab – Israeli War, and Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Russian - Iranian invasion of Israel are discussed. What's next according to prophecy?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Black Churches Fear the Book of Revelation - Donald Perkins

Prophecy Update Radio interviews eschatology expert Donald Perkins about the fear of prophecy in the Black Church!

Donald Perkins of According 2 Prophecy Ministries is considered by many to be one of today’s finest African American Bible prophecy teachers.

Donald discusses why the book of REVELATION is not characteristically taught in the traditional black church communities throughout the United States, and how this created his own personal struggle to step outside the confines of the black church to discover his own inherent gift of prophetic teaching.

In light of the fact that America just inaugurated Barrack Obama, its first African American president, and that the world has apparently been involuntarily thrust into the LAST DAYS, this discussion couldn’t be timelier.

Why do most Black Churches of today frown upon the teaching of Bible Prophecy? How hard is it for an African American Christian to openly discuss the book of Revelation in his or her own congregation? Donald Perkins answers these and many more questions in this fascinating interview. LISTEN NOW

Friday, January 16, 2009

PROPHECY & TODAY’S JEWISH STATE – Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Host Bill Salus interviews Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum on the Prophecy Update Radio program. The following pertinent topics and much more are discussed in this fascinating interview.

1. Does the modern day Jewish State fulfill Bible prophecy?
2. Why is God still saving Gentiles?
3. Is Psalm 83 a contemporary coming event?
4. Should America be concerned about Genesis 12:3?
5. Why must Ezekiel 38 occur before the Tribulation?
6. Is the Antichrist a Roman, or an Assyrian Muslim?
7. Does technology have prophetic implications?
8. Could the Rapture of the Church occur SOON?
9. How should Christians witness to Jews?

Recorded one-on-one in a suite at the Sheraton hotel in Dallas during the 17th annual Pre-Trib Rapture conference In December, 2008. Photo of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum at the conference.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Prelude, Event, Aftermath of Psalm 83

Prophecy Update Radio - Author of the best selling book, Isralestine The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, discusses the world changing events that occur in the aftermath of the Psalm 83 Arab – Israeli War prophecy. On the nearby horizon looms a massive Arab confederacy foretold to form in order to destroy the tiny Jewish State, but to the bewilderment of the international community Israel wins. In victory Israel enlarges it borders, exploits Arab oil resources, and becomes one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Furthermore terrorism ceases to exist, Islam is dramatically diminished, America prospers, Jordan surrenders to Israeli sovereignty, Damascus is destroyed, and then Russia and Iran turn their sites against a Greater Israel. These pending geopolitical changes and much more are discussed in this 3-part interview. Find out now if the Hezbollah, Hamas, Syrians, Palestinians and more are about to make peace or war with Israel!!!
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Are we headed toward and APOCALYPTIC ECONOMY? Does the present worldwide financial crisis indicate that we are living in the end times? PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO presents global financial expert Wilfred Hahn in this spectacular media interview with host Bill Salus. Will today's economic woes turn into tommorrows ONE-WORLD BANKING SYSTEM with its ONE-WORLD ORDER? LISTEN NOW

Photo - Wilfred Hahn & Bill Salus - Dallas Pre-Trib Conference 12/2008


Shocking Events Coming Soon According To The Bible!

Dr. David Reagan Warns of World Changing Bible Prophecies about to find their final fulfillment! In this powerful Prophecy Update Radio Program host Bill Salus, the best selling author of Isralestine, interviews Dr. David Reagan about the mysterious Psalm 83 Arab-Israeli War, followed by the Ezekiel 38 Russian - Iranian nuclear equipped invasion of Israel. Join Dr. Reagan the founder of Lamb and Lion Ministries, and host of the television program Christ in Prophecy, as he and Salus explore these and other timely Bible prophecies like; the Rapture of the Christian Church, the coming of the Antichrist and Armageddon, and the Final 7 year Tribulation Period. Find out what the Bible predicts may be the Next News Headline.

In part one Bill interviews his friend Dr. Reagan in what promises to bring the listeners down to their knees in prayer, and up to date on the prophetic calendar. Find out about the timing of the Rapture of the Christian Church, the rapidly approaching Psalm 83 Arab - Israeli War, the Russian - Iranian led nuclear equipped Ezekiel 38 & 39 invasion of Israel, and what David's sincere concerns are for America and its new President-Elect, Barack Obama.
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This week Bill interviews Terry James in a 2 part series about his new Harvest Houst book, The American Apocalypse, Is the United States in Bible Prophecy? Terry is the author of 19 Bible prophecy books, and the co-founder of www.raptureready.com, the Internet's largest Bible prophecy website in the world. This is Terry's first of many coming interviews regarding his brand new cutting edge book.


The Radio Program that keeps you in stride with today's most relevant prophetic developments...LISTEN NOW

This week Kade Hawkins, the Canadian director of Chuck Missler's Koinonia House Ministries and founder of ProphecyNewsWatch.com, one of todays most informative Bible prophecy news sites discusses today's most important prophetic trends.
“Radio at its finest and final hour”


The author that has eschatology experts rethinking their entire end time model, debut’s his new best selling book Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East. This one of a kind interview Bruce Collins conducts with Bill Salus will have you at the edge of your seat throughout, as the missing Middle East prophecy puzzle piece is thoroughly explored.