Friday, January 30, 2009

The Geo-Political and Geo-Prophetical Ramifications of the Hamas - Israeli War

Sequencing END TIME events
Christian Radio Talk Show Host Frank Pastore interviews Bill Salus on KKLA 99.5 in this edition of the PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO program. The interview, which was heard by tens of thousands of Southern Californian listeners takes place against the backdrop of Operation Cast Lead, the recent Hamas – Israeli War.

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Pastore asks Bill numerous serious cutting edge prophecy related questions about what’s next in the Middle East. Does the recent Hamas – Israeli war warn of the final Arab – Israeli conflict about to come? Is there more to end times Bible prophecy than the Rapture of the Christian Church followed by the Armageddon Campaign? Topics like Psalm 83, the Arab – Israeli War, and Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Russian - Iranian invasion of Israel are discussed. What's next according to prophecy?


Anonymous said...


I just listened to the two part radio show you did with Pastore.

I am familiar with your understanding of Psalm 83 and agree with your interpretations/conclusions.

A thought I have is that the Psalm 83 groups that come against Israel may include only those who are Shiite, yet living within some countries that are predominately Sunni.

My reason for this is that Jordan currently leads a large group of Arab-region countries, along with Egypt, who are actively pursuing a "peace" agreement with Israel. This is the reason that during operation "cast lead", none of those countries came to Hamas' aide. Recently, Saudi Arabia offered one to two billion dollars to rebuild Gaza but stipulated that none of it is to go to Hamas. They want to work with the Fatah leadership.

My point is that even though Jordan, for example, is one of the people groups/areas delineated in Psalm 83, it will not be Jordan officially, or as a whole, but segments within Jordan that are Shiite, or pro-Iran, that will organize and come against Israel.

It is my understanding that Iran wants no part of the peace initiative that King Abdullah of Jordan is leading/moving towards. Hence, Psalm 83 is not Islam against Israel, but more specifically Shia Islam against Israel.

To make the distinction between Shias and Sunnis is critical. At this time, these branches stand in active opposition to each other. They each want their own established Caliphate. It is my opinion that it will only be when the "Mahdi" comes that these two branches will become united. I think this is symbolized in Revelation with the Mahdi being portrayed as the lamb (false prophet) with two horns (each horn representing each branch of Islam).

I value your articles and interviews.



Susan uk said...

Hello Bill
I have just had a 'eureka' moment concering 'Israelestine'.

I have always agreed with you about Psalm 83 and the fall of Damascus, however,
it has just 'clicked' that Ezekiel 38 will not happen until the battle in Psalm 83, and
probably Isaiah 17, takes place.

I suspect I may have been viewing Ez.38 as 'imminent'? Now at last I can say that I agree with you!

My reservations on the interpretation of Ezekiel 38 still exists, but are no longer holding
me back from going forward.

I cannot see a word or phrase meaning 'peace'anywhere in Ez.38. A prisoner may be 'secure',
but not 'at peace' with the law. Israel is now in a position of security and is able to
defend and rule herself after the diaspora.

The 'wall' is largely an incomplete 'fence' with holes. Neither will do the job of an ancient city wall in defence from modern weapons. This present age is a time of 'no wall's'.

After being a 'curse', the land is now fertile with God's blessing and hard work. This, with
the promise of oil and now gas, makes it a target for collecting 'booty'. In particular -
the gas!

Russia has been in a position of power to cut off Europe's gas supply, now suddenly she may
think Israel will say 'it's alright, you can have some of ours'. I suspect the discovery of
gas in Israeli territory, is a 'hook'in Gog's jaw.

Try as I may, thus far, I cannot interpret these Scriptures as you do in Israelestine.
However, as I know very little Hebrew, I may well be wrong.

The radio progs. are ace.
God bless.