Thursday, January 22, 2009

Black Churches Fear the Book of Revelation - Donald Perkins

Prophecy Update Radio interviews eschatology expert Donald Perkins about the fear of prophecy in the Black Church!

Donald Perkins of According 2 Prophecy Ministries is considered by many to be one of today’s finest African American Bible prophecy teachers.

Donald discusses why the book of REVELATION is not characteristically taught in the traditional black church communities throughout the United States, and how this created his own personal struggle to step outside the confines of the black church to discover his own inherent gift of prophetic teaching.

In light of the fact that America just inaugurated Barrack Obama, its first African American president, and that the world has apparently been involuntarily thrust into the LAST DAYS, this discussion couldn’t be timelier.

Why do most Black Churches of today frown upon the teaching of Bible Prophecy? How hard is it for an African American Christian to openly discuss the book of Revelation in his or her own congregation? Donald Perkins answers these and many more questions in this fascinating interview. LISTEN NOW

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