Thursday, June 11, 2009


Assuredly America the beautiful has become less bountiful but is Lady Liberty Losing her SUPERPOWER? Are her best days behind or before her? According to Bible prophecy God isn’t ABOUT TO judge AMERICA - He ALREADY IS!


In this edition of the Prophecy Update Radio program, host Bill Salus interviews Dr. Mark Hitchcock about the whereabouts of America in Bible prophecy. It seems that the greatest nation of all time doesn’t deserve even an honorable mention in the world’s holiest book. Why not? Did the prophets run out of ink, or did God keep America off of the last pages of prophecy for a purpose?

Dr. Hitchcock and Bill Salus dispel the grandiose delusions of America’s role in the end times and warn Christians how the prophetic implications of current world and Mideast events could result in the accelerated decline of the United States. What does the future hold for the land of the frayed and home of the broke? Buy Mark's excellent book the Late Great United States at Amazon now.... click on book image.

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