Thursday, March 5, 2009


Is the Shroud of Turin a supernatural miracle evidencing a physics we know nothing about, or is it a medieval forgery as some scholars suggest. The final segment of the 4 part Prophecy Update Radio interviews between Bill Salus and L.A. Marzulli reveals information that has seldom been discussed.

When studied closely the Shroud appears to have molecular design that emulates a physics not yet discovered. L.A. Marzulli discusses the very real possibility that the Shroud introduces humanity to a fabric of supernatural hyper-dimensional design. A composite material that may be common place in the heavenly realm and links perfectly together with the current U.F.O. phenomena.

How did Jesus walk through walls and upon the water? How do Angels and Aliens enter through invisible portals to interface with humanity? Find out now: LISTEN NOW to Part 4


Anonymous said...


This interview was really good... as usual. I have always believed in the Shroud of Turin as being the linen which Jesus was laid in. When I first heard about the shroud, scientists were talking about "cloning" and then "Dolly" came along. I had always wondered (which would make a great Christian fiction book), if DNA had been collected off the shroud and...we get the false prophet or Antichrist. At the time, I thought antichrist was going to proclaim himself as Jesus...but that's been discussed and put on the shelf.

JRed said...

There's actually a 3-part series of novels that does use your premise for an exciting (eerie) story. It's called "The Christ Clone Trilogy" I think and is worth your time for sure.

Jeff Radt (JRed)
Look Up Fellowship