Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is OBAMA a MUSLIM at Heart? USAMA says YES!

ISLAM, Honor's Killings, Hates Jews & Christians, Sanction's False Mideast Peace-Pacts, and DECEIVES THE WORLD!

The deception of Islam is the topic on this installment of Prophecy Update Radio. This week Egyptian born Christian scholar Usama Dakdok informs host, Bill Salus, all the above and much more is true about the Satanically inspired religion of Islam.

In this one of a kind interview, Usama Dakdok of The Straight Way Ministries quotes several of the most dangerous and deceptive passages contained in the Islamic holy book called the Koran. These passages destroy the notion that Islam is a religion of non-violence that worships the same god as the Jews and Christians. True Islamic teachings make it impossible to be a so called, “Moderate Muslim”.

Usama tells the listeners how President Barrack Hussein Obama is likely a true Muslim at heart. Dakdok suggests that Obama’s present pleadings to the Muslim world and penalizing of Israel should be a wake up call to Jews and Christians. Your eyes will be opened wide as your ears are exposed to this powerful two – part Prophecy Update interview!

Also find out the inside story about Rifqa (Rebecca) Bary’s fight for her life and her Christian faith. This 17 year old teen-ager has been in the mainstream news from coast to coast recently. Your faith will be strengthened through hearing her side of the story.

The Florida authorities may hold her fate in their hands. She claims that if she is order back to her home in Ohio that her parents will exercise their Muslim right to end her life in the Islamic practice called “Honor Killing”. Usama has prayed and spent time with Rifqa and knows the true nature of her Christian heart. LISTEN NOW



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