Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Prophetic Implications of Current Mideast Events

By Bill Salus

There is a brand new boldness developing in the Middle East. A.B.C. News / International reports, Missiles are on the Menu, alluding to the 2/26/2010 Damascus meeting between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah.

With war pacts already in hand, these three Muslim leaders flex their Middle East muscles in an undeniable display of political and military unity. Meanwhile, millions of gas masks are about to be distributed throughout the Jewish State. It is a somber day for Israelis as they stand on the sidelines fearing these leaders plot to “wipe Israel off of the map!”

Is the Middle East about to go apocalyptic? Many eschatologists are watching current Mideast events with a keen eye. Is 'Pandora's Box" about to open unleashing a flurry of Bible prophecies? If so, how might they play out on the world scene?

Here are some possible prophetic predictions. No one knows for certain how things will play out prophetically in the Middle East; however this is what’s on my radar screen.

LISTEN NOW to the Worldwiew Matters Radio interview between Brannon Howse and Bill Salus regarding the "Apocalptic Middle East." Brannon and Bill discuss how current Mideast events could unleash these possible predictions, soon, sequentially, and in rapid succession.

Video below was prepared by Pastor Rob Madden, and is presented on this article post for additional food for thought. Pastor Rob and I are in general agreement, however we have a few differences in prophetic opinion as to how some of these things may unfold. Listen to my radio interview to compare the differences.


Djustin said...

Yes indeed, this looks to be the upcoming scenario. Have been following your prophecy updates and others, and there seems to be a common agreement as we approach the final stages, and as the prophetic Word is being unveiled further as we approach the end. Ladies and Gentlemen FASTENS YOUR SEAT BELTS .... we are in for a bumpy ride ..... see you in the sky. Our redemption is at hand. Come quickly Lord!

Betty said...

Could this morning's violence on the Temple Mount be a trigger that might replace your point #1 above? The play may have just been put into motion...

Rodney said...

Bill, I believe your Radar has malfunctioned, you will clearly notice the strategic alliances being formed between Turkey, Iran, and Syria suggest the Gog/Magog battle as the next prophetic event.
Turkey and Iran are not participants in your Psalm 83 scenario. Syria is not mentioned in the Gog/Magog prophecy simply because the Syrian territory will be the both the staging point and command apparatus of the Gog/Magog invasion force. The epicenter of the earthquake that occurs during this intended invasion will be located in Damascus, thus fulfilling Isaiah 17, yet Israel being in close proximity will be shaken greatly.

Anonymous said...

Bill, as you and I have discussed in the past few months, and as Sean mentioned in his post here, I too respectfully disagree with Pastor Rob's sequence of events: It will be Hezbollah and Syria that fires the first WMD's not Y'israel. They(Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas) know if they don't delivery a knock-out punch quickly and at the beginning of hostilities, Y'israel will eventually wipe them out. The problem for them, is Y'israel is ready and expecting it, and I hope there are a lot of virgins in Muslim Heaven, cause it is about to get crowded down there!

As for the trigger for this Prophetic Warfare Snowball, I think one of 2 things are going to cause Y'israel to attack: 1.) the arrival of the new Russian S-300 anti-aircraft /anti-missile system or 2.) Y'israel intelligence sources confirm that assembly of an atomic/nuclear warhead is about to happen or in the process of happening... something I don't think will happen until the new Russian missile system is in place to protect that assembly.

Anyway, things are about to get exciting... an understatement if every one was spoken!

Blessings to all!

Maranatha! Maranatha!! Maranatha!!! Mark

Sean Osborne said...

ParsonRob's video is very nicely done; it closely approximates the overall eschatological scenario which I believe will come to pass. However, there are significant differences between our scenarios.

The differences are:

1.) ParsonRob apparently believes Israel will nuke Damascus prior to the landing of Hezbollah and Syrian missiles on Israel. His scenario points 3 & 4 are reveresed from the sequence which I believe is more likely. He is essentially saying that Israel will strike Iran and then Syria with a nuke without WMD being used against it first. This is counter to existing Israeli military doctrine. Israel will not nuke Damascus because both HAMAS and Hezbollah initiate war as retaliation for an Israel strike on Iran. Israel will nuke Damascus in retaliation for a Syrian/Hezbollah Bio/Chem (WMD) strike against Israel.

2.) I also disagree with scenario point 5 that HAMAS and Hezbollah represent all of the nations named in Psalm 83. They do not. The ethnicities named are those with whom Israel will fight in this coming war, and Israel will come into physical possession of the lands these enemies currently occupy.

3.) As mentioned earlier Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 are not the only prophecies to be fulfilled. These two related prophecies have "brother" prophecies in Joshua 13, Zechariah 9, and prophetic templates in Deuteronomy 28, Judges 4 and 5, 1 Kings 5, 1 Kings 18, Isaiah 22, among others which have yet to be cited because everything that will happen is already written within the pages of His Holy Word.

I believe that God is going to speak directly to someone in Israel as He did to Deborah; perhaps it will be Bibi Netanyahu as Israel's current leader. The result of God's instructions will be that Israel's leader will gather his generals as Deborah gathered in Barak and his sub-commanders. He will then faithfully and courageously lead Israel against all of these enemies.

We're nibbling around the edges of the full scope of these prophecies and I'm in the process of tying them together with the incredible prophetic promise found in Hebrews 11 - which is for Jew and Gentile alike.

Associate Director
Northeast Intelligence Network

Bill Salus said...

Sean and Mark thanks for your informative blog comments. I think Parson Rob's video is a worthwhile watch, but invite readers to listen to my radio interview with Brannon Howse in addition to watching Rob's youtube video, to compare notes as to our thoughts. Both are linked within this article.

Michael said...

If you read the following events in order from the book of Ezekiel beginning with chapter 37.

Chapter 37th speaks about the Valley of Dry Bones. Thus, many mass graves or Holocaust and multitudes of Jews were regathered and return to the land of Israel.

Then both Chapter 38th and 39th, it speaks about Gog/Magog War and its aftermath.

Then beyond those previous chapters, it speaks about the descriptions of the Temple.

My point? It appears to me that it's more likely that the Temple will be rebuilt AFTER Gog/Magog War. Walls cannot come down until Persian threat is removed. Persia is still in power after Psalm 83 War. Those walls near the cities, not the villages were built for local terrorists or suicide bombers. Settlements will see have their own gates. That's the nature of those settlers. It's the unwalled villages, not the cities.

Rudy said...

I totally agree with your scenario leading up to the fulfillment of Psalms 83 and Ezekiel chp 38 and 39.
I believe the Israeli strike against Iran would have already taken place were it not for the immense changes it will bring to our planet. Imagine the Israeli strike takes place, the Iranians close the Persian Gulf, gas goes to ten dollars a gallon, if nuclear weapons are used in the attach, radiation clouds across the middle east could envelop major population centers and perhaps drift as far as Russia, and the United States would be stretched super thin with our other wars already in progress, and this could embolden a lot of enemies to come into the mix.

No doubt, the decision to strike Iran will be made, or has already been made, and will be carried out, but the people who will make this fateful decision will have to realize that they will be releasing the mother of all wars, up to this point, and bring about prophetic implications on a major scale.

It will takes guts…..that’s for sure.

Mark said...


I just read you latest post on your website, and I agree with you time line, and think your scenario very plausiable and very likely to be very close to the way things progress. However, you mentioned a Scalar attack on Damascus; do you know for sure that Y'israel has a fully functioning "Tesla Howizter", or just speculating. I expect an old fashion nuke on Damascus, but if they have and were to use the scalar weapon that would open up and set into motion a hold new spin on the progression of events. After doing some research on the "Scalar" technology and specifically the 'Tesla Howizter', it seems to me that Y'israel would be practically indestuctible and able to destroy all it's enemies without loosing a single man. If Col. Bearden is correct, Russian has an arsenal of these 'Tesla Howizters', so why wouldn't they use them, instead of committing troops to any future battle. It is my humble opinion that if Y'israel has a Tesla Howizter, it would really change the scope and shape future warfare in the Middle East and if the articles I read is correct would stray away from the prophectic descriptions of the aftermath of the Ezekiel 38-39 battle.

I know Y'israel tested a secret weapon in the last quarter of 2009, but I have never seen or read about what the weapon actually was (I guess that is because it is a 'secret weapon').

Anyway, great article, and I expect, the Psalm 83 battle to take place this year - triggered by Y'israel's attack on Iran, which will be either triggered by Iran's trying to put a bomb together, or the arrival of the S-300 anti-aircraft/anti-missile system in Iran (a race to strike before the missile batteries are ready to use).

Keep up the great work brother, and I look for to your next article!

Blessings to you and yours,

Maranatha! Mark

Mark said...

With all due respect, Rodney's the one who's radar isn't functioning. Apparently he has not read Ezekiel 38-39 nor your book, Bill. If he had, then he would know that Y'israel doesn't meet the pre-event condition that Ezekiel mentioned - It is not living securely in "Unwalled" villages; It doesn't possess an 'Exceedingly Great Army" at this point; And outside of the recent natural gas finds off its coast, there isn't any real wealth to lure in the Gog-Magog coalition as scripture say. Rodney's explanation for the absence of the surrounding Arab countries in the Gog-Magog, show that Rodney lacks a realistic understanding of Y'israel's enemies in the area. Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas will all be major players in any immediate conflict with Y'israel, not merely staging areas for the Gog-Magog forces. The only way, they won't be major players is if they no longer exist or have the capabilities to do so, as several other prophecies predict, as well as the Psalm 83 - Obadiah 1:17-21 is a great one.

Again, I am not trying to be mean or disrespectful, but Rodney appears to be shooting from the hips and no real study or understanding of the prophecies he speaks of nor the understanding of Y'isreal's enemies both next door and in the Middle East aboard. Folks like Rodney tend to be allegorist Bible believers, when scriptures don't line up according to how they see things.

Blessings Bill!

Maranatha! Mark

Rodney said...

Mark, thank you for the warm comments, perhaps you should know however I have studied the prophecy concerning Gog/Magog for over 20 years. This prophecy indicates that Russia will be a guard to all those allied with them as well as chief weapons supplier. Russia nor China would allow an attack on Iranian soil. China has a heavy reliance on Iranian petroleum. Hezbollah and Hamas no longer act independently, they are under Iranian and Syrian command.

The prophecy of Gog/Magog indicates that the target of the Russian leaders wrath is directed against the "unwalled villages" in the North, not the central and southern cities. These Kibbutz or unwalled rural farming villages have now turned into modern unwalled cities as modernization and wealth has made this happen. It is also common sense that if an invasion is to come from the north, they will also need a staging area.

Mark, for your benefit and for the rest of those reading this blog, I will suggest that when you see Russia move their forces south, you might want to change your perspective on which prophetic event is going to occur. It is a sure bet that you will soon see this migration of Russian forces enmass. When you see this, you can kiss the Psalm 83 theory goodbye. Make no mistake the Lord God is preparing to offer a great sacrifice this Passover to fill the bellies of the birds of prey and the wild beasts in the territory of ancient Bashan (Syrian Golan Plateu).

Bill Salus said...

Rodney I'd be curious to know what camp you fall in when deciphering Psalm 83. Many of us believe Ezekiel 38 is near, just not next. You may already know many of my reasons for feeling this way, such as Israel is not dwelling securely in the midst of the land in a peaceful unsuspecting condition. Neither are any of the Psalm 83 confederates listed in Ezekiel's invasion and yet the Ezekiel invaders must traverse through some of their territory. These are just a couple introductory reasons.

Anonymous said...

Rodney, I think you are trying to split hairs with your "Un-walled" village definition, and I think you missed a really important little three letter word in the verse 11: 11 You will say, ‘I will go up against a land of unwalled villages; I will go to a peaceful people, who dwell safely, ALL of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates’—. Notice the word above that is in all caps and initialize - "ALL". It doesn't say 'some' or 'a few', but "ALL" which would include those folks behind the current anti-terrorist wall. But even if toss out the requirement of the "ALL living in Un-Walled villages" condition, they certainly are not "living securely", nor have an "Exceedingly Great Army", nor do they have the wealth that would draw Russia or any of the other Gog/Magog coalition into a war with Y'israel. As you have studied prophecy for 20 years, then you know the Father is very specific about details and if He gives a list of conditions that must be meant before an event is to occur, then it has to be exactly as He prescribe, else the whole of the Word is called into question, as YHWH's and Yeshua Hammashiach existence, Who's identity is based on prophecy fulfilled.

Thus until the precondition of the Y'israel is meant, I don't care if the whole Russian army camps on Y'israel's border, it won't attack until the condition discussed in the earlier parts of Ezekiel 38 are fulfilled, thus the Gog/Magog event will not happen any time soon, unless all the preconditions are achieved or meant, in my humble opinion. Whether or not Psalm 83 is the pre-cursor event that complete the stage for Ezekiel 38-39, I can't be 100% sure, but it does fit very nicely and ties up a lot of loose ends including Isaiah 17:1, Obidiah 1:17-21 just to name a couple.

Nevertheless, being a pre-trib believer, I don't think we will be here to see Ezekiel 38-39's fulfillment, as the Father will make Himself known to the world at that point, which is not for the Church, as we are strictly a Faith Based entity... Belief without seeing.

Blessings Brother!

Maranatha! Mark

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous regarding Unwalled Villages.

The state of Israel is not the land of unwalled villages. There are cities as well. Can you separate villages and cities? In Ezekiel 38-39, it used two different words: CITIES and VILLAGES. If Jerusalem is surrounded by walls, then it is not a village. Jerusalem is a city.

Jesus said that their House is left to them desolate and peace is removed from their eyes. That means the Jews will never have peace until the Prince of peace returns. They will face more wars. It's possible that Psalm 83 may include series of WAR because it mentioned the name of ISRAEL. It may not be interpreted as one regional war at one time.