Thursday, May 6, 2010

Psalm Buried in Bog Soil Predicts Promised Land Warzone!


What is Bible prophecy and what does it predict next? Bill Salus warns an ancient Psalm buried for centuries under Irish bog soil predicts the Promised Land will soon turn into a HOLY WARZONE!

Bill is interviewed on Southern California’s largest Christian radio station, KBRT 740 AM, about the importance of Bible Prophecy in these last days. In part one Bill discusses the potential prophetic relevance of the mysterious discovery of Psalm 83 buried in Ireland. The Psalm predicts the coming of a holy war between the Arabs and the Jews. Additionally, Bill locates terrorism and the Israeli Defense Forces in Bible prophecy.
In part two, he discusses dangerous Mideast headlines threatening to turn the Middle East into a Warzone in the near future.

LISTEN NOW to part one
Click the link below to read Bill’s related Psalm 83 article alluded to in part one of the show.

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